Studio AMS


The Continuing Permanent Education requirements for professionals and trainees (Bachelor and (Post-) Master students), including but not limited to certified public accountants (CPA, RA), consists of the categories: 1) (development of) skills 2) (maintenance of) knowledge and 3) (consciousness of) attitude / behaviour

The ATHLETICS Amsterdam social program encourages professional integrity by Personal Coaching. 

From a "Mens Sana In Corpore Sano Amsterdam" ("a healthy mind in a healthy body") and a (CPE) "Attitude & Behaviour" perspective, (professional, ethical) fundamental principles (applicable to a.o. CPA-s, i.e. ex Code of Ethics) are confronted with a.o. 6 (physical Personal Coaching-) principles:

- Professional BehaviourChest Forward

- IntegrityBack Straight

- ObjectivityShoulders Back

- Professional CompetenceTighten Core

- Due CareBreathe Through

- ConfidentialityFeet Into The Ground