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Datum: 05-08-2018 Auteur: Endymion Struijs
Efficiency and effectiveness of multinational group audits are at risk. Rigid independence and audit regulation, which differs from country to country, and a shifting focus to non-audit services increasingly impair global audit firms to fully onboard cross-border structured audit clients. To close this gap in the market, ENDYMION Amsterdam, starts the campaign.

ENDYMION Amsterdam is a boutique CPA firm based in Amsterdam. The firm is fully focused on corporate (audit) clients, including regulated financial services businesses.

Since ENDYMION Amsterdam is an audit-only single location CPA firm, the risk of impairment of independence regulation is remote.

The firm acts both as Group Auditor for multinational cross-border structured companies of which the head of the group is based in The Netherlands, and as component auditor reporting to foreign (global firm) audit practices.

These services are supported by an online collaboration platform and contemporary (group) audit methodology (software).

The partners of ENDYMION Amsterdam are all Big 4 corporate audit practices’ alumni. The partners are familiar with the methodology of the global (Big 4 and Mid-tier) audit practices. They are specialist on NL GAAP and IFRS EU; also IT audit, valuation, financial regulatory and tax accounting specialist expertise is available.

ENDYMION Amsterdam’s operating model is low-leveraged, hence continuous involvement of our seasoned international audit partners is guaranteed. Our services are rendered work-flow based, such that there’s agility to respond to last-minute and run-out engagements.

And because of Amsterdam’s extensive network of destinations by air and high-speed train, our office and our clients’ global locations are efficiently accessible.

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