Studio AMS

IMAGES of Amsterdam

Images of Amsterdam's objective is to catch our story in an heritage collection of Contemporary Art.

Annually the IHC Amsterdam is awarded to a photographer for her or his photo collection with the theme: Contemporary Amsterdam.

During the year ahead, from the IHC Amsterdam award winning collection, the photos on website and other external communication of ENDYMION Amsterdam are derived. Please proceed to ENDYMION Amsterdam's website to check the latest collection.

Our office in the Beurs van Berlage, Damrak Amsterdam is enriched with art by contemporary Amsterdam artists, including the CPA Amsterdam triptych of:

Autonomy Amsterdam by Henk Veen:

Professionalism Amsterdam by Henk Veen:

Citizenship Amsterdam by Henk Veen:

And other works:

Campus Duivendrecht Amsterdam by Henk Veen:

Red Light Jazz by Henk Veen:

Echte Vriendschap by Henk Veen: