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Amsterdam Metro System (AMS)

Datum: 02-01-2021 Auteur: Endymion Struijs
In November 2020 it was world news when a metro accidently landed on a piece of art, i.e. a whale tail designed by artist and architect Maarten Struijs, coincidently also my (Endymion Struijs') father.

This extraordinary event inspired me to the metaphorical concept of "Amsterdam Metro System ("AMS")". 

In the spirit of our STUDIOAMS Metaphors of Amsterdam social program, which's objective is to catch our brand's (ENDYMION Amsterdam, Studio for Contemporary Public Audit, STUDIOAMS foundation) "tale" in an heritage collection of Contemporary Art.

"Amsterdam Metro System ("AMS")" is in essence a behaviorism based metaphorical approach to our metropolitan network of individual (expert) professionals, (social) partners, stakeholders and clients.

Imagine our (central) office, in a three story tower of the monumental Beurs van Berlage (Damrak, Amsterdam) building, opposite of Amsterdam CS (end-of-the-(metro) line), as the central hub of such metropolitan network and metaphorically as the "whale tail" of the "Amsterdam Metro System ("AMS")".

Whales are unconventional citizens of the ocean, since they are warm-blooded, take their oxygen by "going outside" of the water and they interprete social networking by being musical.

A behaviorism based metaphorical approach based on the motto of the city of Amsterdam

Wapen van Amsterdam.svg
Meaning (ref. the DISC model of personality traits in colors): Citizenship (Compassionate / Influence, yellow), Professionalism (Steadfast / Conscientiousness, blue) and Autonomy (Valiant / Dominance, red), together: CPA Amsterdam (Steadiness, green).

Whereas the bottom of the tail is yellow (left wall of the tower) and blue (right wall of the tower), together green (top of the tail / roof of the tower) catching the exuberant metro (red).
Such is translated into the development and maintenance of our metropolitan network of individual (expert) professionals and (social) partners by hosting a.o. editions of Permanente Educatie, Rode Loper (Red Carpet) and Green Table Amsterdam.

By operating social programs including Brussels Sprouts Amsterdam, Library Amsterdam, Delta Works AmsterdamIcons of Amsterdam, Artists of Amsterdam and Sports Academy Amsterdam.

And, needless to mention, by rendering Consulting & Support, Professional Practice and Audit & Assurance services to Financial Institution Linked entities and systems in the area of Risk, Transactions, Recovery & Investigations, Accounting, (both internal and independent) Audit & Assurance borne by our CPA Amsterdam fundamental principles.

How an metro accident with a "whale tail" turns into heritage contemporary art and metaphorically catches our brand's "tale"!